I love you, Kids

With all my heart...

I Miss You Very Much

Hi Kids:

Since we haven't been able to communicate by phone or email right now, I've created websites for each of you. Click on your site in the right-hand column. The first time you enter your site, become a member and pick a password that only you know. Then, in the future, you can log on from anywhere! 

I don't have much on your individual websites yet, but I will write to you and post videos periodically when I have time. You can write back to me from there, but send me your first email right now at forfatherlessfive@live.com, so I know you read this. You are all always on my mind and I pray that God will bring us back together again soon. Until then, be good, say thanks to everyone that helps us, report to me everyone that hurts us, and know that I love you very much and am working for you everyday.

Read my blogs periodically at http://forfatherlessfive.blogspot.com/

Always Remember, Kids:

What happened to our family is not your fault in any way and it's not mine either. I am working everyday to find a way to bring our family back together. Don't worry about your mom - I have never harmed her before and I would never harm her. I have forgiven her for what she did to me and I want you to do the same and pray for her.

Think back to how great it used to be when we were together - all the things we did and the places we went to. I want to bring our family back together again so we can do the things I planned for you when you were little. If you make an effort to stay in touch, you can really help me and hopefully soon I will be able to move back to Colorado. 

I think about you day and night and want you to know that I love you very much. I'll look forward to hearing from you soon. I could never have asked God for greater gifts than what he gave me in you.
I love you.
A Few Cool Ideas:

Make videos! There are kids all across the United States that have been separated from one of their parents following a divorce. In fact, there are millions of sad kids that could use some encouragement. Make a video that gives them ideas on how they can stay in touch with their lost parent. See the following:

Make a family website! Reach out to kids all over the world with helpful hints about how they can cope in a broken family and give them hope for better days to come.

Write a book! Gather your thoughts, interview people, research the reasons this is happening and write it all down. I'd bet that a book written by kids about what they went through in a situation like this, would be very valuable. Who knows? Maybe you'll become a famous author and make a lot of money someday.

I'll post further ideas on your websites.